My Week As Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is a health goddess. She’s figured out how to live a healthy lifestyle with her diet, her fitness routine and her mentality.  That is, seriously, a job within itself. If you’ve read her book Pretty Happy: The Healthy Way to Love Your Body, you know she is all about doing what is right for YOUR body; what works for you. I thought it would be fun to take on Kate’s diet, workout routine & meditation for a week to see what it does to both my body and my mind. Read more

WCW: Kate Alvarado

This week we want to introduce you to one of our favorite girl crushes, Kate Alvarado. Kate is an actress, yoga instructor, swimsuit connoisseur and an amazing human being. Kate is inspiring in so many ways, but her greatest quality is always wanting to do better. Whether it is in acting class, at an audition or just in life; she strives for perfection. She uses yoga as a balance to relieve stress and keep her in a positive mental space.

Hear what Kate has to say about her lifestyle:


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Aerial Yoga Class

We at Three Pretty Beans LOVE to workout! We also love to try new things. So, we have decided to branch out and try different group fitness classes in the Los Angeles area to let you, our lovely and loyal readers, know what classes are worth spending the extra buck for. Our first class was this past Sunday at Up Flying Yoga in Studio City. It’s an aerial yoga studio that also does a silks class & an aerial dance class.

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WCW: Camryn Mackey

Camryn Mackey is such an empowering young lady to be around.

She oozes positivity and support. You can usually find Camryn on the yoga mat at CorePower Yoga where she teaches men and women to find their inner peace (as well as getting their butts kicked).

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