How The Willpower Of 100 Days Can Change YOUR Life.



100 days ago I was a different person. I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t feeling healthy. I was confused with the direction of my life. I was depressed.

I needed a change. A BIG one, AND NOW!

I knew that I had to make a change for my whole self. Mind. Body. Soul. I needed clarity. I needed answers. I needed to find my inner happiness again. I needed to polish my dulled sparkle.

My first step in this transformation process was to eliminate Read more

Three Pretty Buns

We’ve finally launched our quick and efficient workouts on YouTube taught by our very own Amy Nosowitz.  Amy has been teaching pilates in LA for the past few years and we thought it would be fun to create some easy workouts under 15 minutes for you to do at home.

Plank Your Way To Strength

Planks are a wonderful way to build strength because:
A: You can do a plank anytime and any place!
B: They are a full body work out and all you need is your own body!
Start with a regular plank and hold it for as long as you can. You can either do a push up position or a forearm plank on your elbows. I recommend the forearm plank if you have bad wrists.

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WCW: Jennifer Greene

Why we are crushing on Jennifer Greene…JenniferGreene

Jennifer is the absolute best.  She is an East Coast transplant working on her career as an actress in Los Angeles.  She is one of the most proactive individuals I have had the pleasure of meeting in LA. Not only that, she is extremely hardworking with anything she does.  She is always on the grind, working to make her dreams come true.  Jennifer shows the same commitment to her health and fitness as she does with her work ethic. Read more