Keeping Florals Classy

Right now floral patterns are EVERYWHERE!  While we’re both really into florals, we both believe that there are good floral patterns and then there are AWFUL floral patterns. To rock a top-notch floral, I (Ashley) styled this gorgeous Yumi wrap dress for a day of meetings at Aroma Cafe in Studio City.  Read more

2 Ways to Wear An All Black Everything Look

We both usually have a thing for colored and patterned pieces.  But, today we decided to be a little more classy and style an all black everything look. Well not exactly all black!  We wanted to show you how you can have a simple outfit and pair it with Read more

Fashion Friday: Brunch Attire

We love to brunch!

So last weekend a group of our girl friends got together to celebrate our favorite holiday: Mimosa Saturdays. Amy & I decided to dress up for the occasion and these are the fashion finds we decided to rock.

Girls Who Brunch

Read more