The Health Benefits of Copper

Early this month I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica from CopperH2O, a lovely company out of Vancouver, Canada.  We got to talking about our health and why we’ve both changed our lifestyles over the past few years to lean a little more toward the healthy side.  Then she shared something with me that I had NO clue about:  Drinking water out of actual COPPER has extreme health benefits for you. Read more

Sweating is GROSS but so BENEFICIAL

Sweating is an essential part of working out.  Your body gets hot from the physical exertion and the mechanism it uses to cool itself off is sweat.  Sweating isn’t fun or glamorous; its actually pretty gross.  But there are SO many benefits of getting a good sweat on while you work out.  The most important being: if you sweat you are working hard enough to burn fat.  That, in my book, is a WIN!  But if thats not enough to let yourself get down and dirty 3-5 times a week, maybe these benefits of sweating will help.

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