How The Willpower Of 100 Days Can Change YOUR Life.



100 days ago I was a different person. I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t feeling healthy. I was confused with the direction of my life. I was depressed.

I needed a change. A BIG one, AND NOW!

I knew that I had to make a change for my whole self. Mind. Body. Soul. I needed clarity. I needed answers. I needed to find my inner happiness again. I needed to polish my dulled sparkle.

My first step in this transformation process was to eliminate Read more

The Power of Saying ‘NO!’

I am a people pleaser.  I know there are tons of people out there just like me.  We like to help everyone.  To fix them.  We want to be there all the time for them because thats what being a good friend is, right?  This one simple act of kindness can actually be doing you more damage than good.  Read more

WCW: Hilary Knight


Why we’re crushing on Hilary Knight: 

Hilary is a two-time Olympic Silver Medal-winning hockey player from the United States and is widely considered the best female hockey player in the world. She has also competed in seven consecutive IIHF World Championships with Team USA, winning five Gold Medals and two Silver Medals along the way. In college, Knight led NCAA Women’s Hockey in 2011 with 47 goals and helped propel her University of Wisconsin Badgers to a National Championship. Click here for a complete summary of everything she has accomplished in hockey so far!

Last year, Hilary was featured in the 2014 edition of ESPN’s Body Issue. She received a lot of positive feedback but also plenty of negative criticism about how she is too muscular for a woman. We love the way she reacted to the commentary with confidence and poise, here’s the video from Hilary’s shoot: Read more

Women Crush Wednesday- Brittany Underwood

Why we’re crushing on Brittany Underwood:

IMG_3363  Photo: Paul Smith

Brittany Underwood is not only a total babe, she is also a wildly talented actress and singer who is fluent in Spanish (with a very sexy accent). She is one of the most passionate, driven women we know. Her focus and dedication to her art inspire us and we love that she always has a witty comment to lighten the mood. She recently took up beach volleyball and also happens to have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do! She inspires us to find something you love doing that keeps you active. We love that she doesn’t just go to the gym to stay fit, she gets out there and challenges herself physically and mentally by not just trying new things but fully delving into them.

We interviewed Brittany to learn more about her healthy lifestyle:

What type of activities do you do to stay fit?

I just started playing beach volleyball and I am hooked!  I take classes at South Bay Volley and private coach with Steve Ijams. He pumps you up so much that it makes you work extra hard, I love that! I think having someone who pushes you in any type of physical activity is super important to getting the most out of yourself.   Read more