Cheat Day Recipe: Coconut, Almond, Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies!

I LOVE baking. I do it often and bring what I bake to gatherings with friends so I don’t eat it all or force my boyfriend to! Over the years, I’ve developed a reputation for my excellent chocolate chip cookies. I decided to explore a healthier and all-around more amazing version of my recipe for this post. Coconut is God’s greatest gift to this earth, so that was the first thing I decided to add. The combination of coconut and chocolate just can’t be beat. After coconut, almond seemed like an obvious choice. I also included chia seeds to add just a little more nutritional value to these delicious treats!


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WCW: Misty Copeland

Why we are crushing on Misty:

I have been obsessing over Misty Copeland for the past 6 months or so. I’ve been following her on social media (@mistyonpointe) and have been¬†mesmerized by her beauty and flexibility. Last week she made history as the first African American principal Ballerina at the America Ballet Theater. Which is a HUGE success.

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Sweating is GROSS but so BENEFICIAL

Sweating is an essential part of working out.  Your body gets hot from the physical exertion and the mechanism it uses to cool itself off is sweat.  Sweating isn’t fun or glamorous; its actually pretty gross.  But there are SO many benefits of getting a good sweat on while you work out.  The most important being: if you sweat you are working hard enough to burn fat.  That, in my book, is a WIN!  But if thats not enough to let yourself get down and dirty 3-5 times a week, maybe these benefits of sweating will help.

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Grocery Store Must Haves: Part 1

I love to try new things and change it up, so I make an effort to find a new ingredient to cook with when I go to the grocery store every week. But there are a few things I ALWAYS seem to pick out, here are some of my favorites!

1. Favorite bar: gomacro bars


I love them because they are organic and they are real food. When you look at them you can tell what’s in them and they actually are made of what flavor they say they are. The products have positive effects on our bodies and the world. I try to buy from companies that are sustainable and organic and this one is pretty awesome.¬† Read more