New Year, New You!

We can’t believe 2016 is finally coming to an end. It was a year filled with lots of ups and downs for us at Three Pretty Beans! We surpassed a lot of our Read more

23 Things About Me: Ashley

Hey everyone!

We are starting a fun new YouTube series so you guys can get to know us a little bit.  We spent some time “interviewing” each other with some super fun questions.   Read more

The Top 20 Indie Summer Anthems

Today is the first day of summer and we wanted to share some of our favorite indie anthems of the summer (new & old) through this awesome Spotify playlist.  Whether you are poolside, at the beach or throwing a party, these songs will get everyone groovin’.  Read more

The 10 Best Gifts for Dad

Fathers are the greatest!

They teach you so many things about life and they love you unconditionally.  This Fathers Day (June 19th) get your Dad something great!

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