The Best Gifts for Your Bestie Under $100

Some gift buying can be challenging, but buying a gift for your bestie is always fun! Here are some of our favorite gift ideas for our girlfriends: Read more

The 10 Best “White Elephant” Gift Ideas Under $30

The holidays are officially upon us, Beans!

That means it’s time to start thinking about gift ideas for your besties, significant others, stocking stuffers and white elephant gift exchanges.  We’re going to be sharing our top 10 picks of gifts over the next few weeks.  Today we’re kicking it off with Read more

Must Have Healthy Bargains at Costco

Recently I have been obsessed with Costco. Unfortunately, I can’t promise that all Costco’s across the country have these amazing finds, but in California we have some organic, healthy steals that are too good to pass up! I have always been a fan of Costco, but my boyfriend took some convincing. The packaging can be a little impractical and some things are just too much food for two people to consume! BUT when we recently joined he was completely sold. We had been buying these 3 staple items at our local health food store or whole foods for ridiculous prices. Costco had these items we use all the time for less and they are 4 times as much organic, healthy goodness!  Read more

Who’s Holding You Back?

Did you ever start something you really wanted to do and just stopped doing it?  Maybe it was a diet, working out regularly or spending time for yourself. Hello, yes, all of us! We’ve all given up on something. We usually like to blame ourselves by saying “I can’t do it.” Sometimes we even try to blame other people for our lack of commitment.But what’s actually holding you back from achieving your goals & your dreams? Read more