The Importance of Sunshine

Since its summer, I thought it would be a great time to talk about the importance of sunshine.  Yes, there are many great factors about sitting in the sun for an hour, but I am going to to be talking about one big factor: Vitamin D.  Recently it has come out that around 1 BILLION people have a Vitamin D deficiency.  That’s an insane number of people.  So I decided to do some research and find the simplest ways to get a good amount of Vitamin D.

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Party Smart: Three Pretty Beans Goes to Vegas!

In honor of our upcoming trip to Vegas this weekend for our dear friend’s 30th birthday, I’d like to offer you some tips about how to have fun this summer while taking it easy on your body!


We all like to go crazy once in a while, but try following these simple tips to feel better during the night out and the morning after!

We all know alcohol is hard on our liver and has loads of calories that we don’t like to think about, but some alcoholic beverages also have other things we should be avoiding like tons of sugar, artificial dyes and flavors and in the case of Fireball, the same chemical compounds found in antifreeze. Yuck!

Here are some tips you can use for choosing drinks when you’re out!

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Sweating is GROSS but so BENEFICIAL

Sweating is an essential part of working out.  Your body gets hot from the physical exertion and the mechanism it uses to cool itself off is sweat.  Sweating isn’t fun or glamorous; its actually pretty gross.  But there are SO many benefits of getting a good sweat on while you work out.  The most important being: if you sweat you are working hard enough to burn fat.  That, in my book, is a WIN!  But if thats not enough to let yourself get down and dirty 3-5 times a week, maybe these benefits of sweating will help.

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