Roll Away Your Problem Areas: How The Foam Roller Can Reduce Cellulite

Cellulite is many of my clients’ biggest complaints. Working out and eating well can tone muscle and get rid of fat. Cellulite can be more frustrating because it is mostly caused by genetics.

The appearance of cellulite comes from fat cells pushing through fascia. fascia becomes dehydrated with lack of movement or age, and cellulite becomes more apparent.

The most common problem area for cellulite is the upper legs and butt. Rolling out these areas drains the lymphatic system and helps rehydrate the area, thus reducing the appearance of cellulite!

3 ways to Roll: 

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5 stretches you can do everyday! 

Many of my clients say they don’t stretch enough. We have this problem because we find working out more important, we have limited time or we get bored with stretching. But stretching is really important. Try stretching every day for just 5 minutes and see what kind of difference it makes in your body!

1. Spine stretch forward: 

This is a great stretch because it stretched your hamstrings, lower back and works your abs. Start with feet mat width apart, feet flexed, arms straight out in front of you parallel to the floor. Inhale sit as tall as you can. Exhale round forward reaching your lower back, back in opposition, your nose between your knees and your fingertips past your toes. Inhale sit tall. Repeat 5 times.

2. Hip stretch (supine pigeon):  

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The Mental Power of Yoga

I’ve never really been into yoga. I’m not really about the OM life (there’s nothing wrong with it its just not my thing). But, over the past 10 years people have continuous suggested I do yoga to lower my stress level and help with my anxiety. I finally took their advice and WOW.

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WCW: Kathryn Budig

Why we’re crushing on Kathryn Budig:


Kathryn Budig is an American yoga teacher and writer. She has appeared on the covers of Yoga Journal, Yoga International and she is a contributing editor for Women’s Health Magazine. She also wrote a book called The Women’s Health Big Book of Yoga and writes many publications for The Huffington Post, Yahoo! and many more.

She taught at YogaWorks in Santa Monica for 8 Years and now teaches online at YogaGlo, so everyone can enjoy her classes!

In 2014 she appeared on the cover of   Yoga Journal’s The Body Issue. Read more