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Fitness for us is a lifestyle!  

Amy’s a private pilates instructor so she’s living in workout clothes. Ashley’s an actress and has to keep working out as part of her daily routine.  It’s basically part of our jobs.  While we know not everyone has to workout or wear fitness clothes every single day,

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Three Pretty Buns

We’ve finally launched our quick and efficient workouts on YouTube taught by our very own Amy Nosowitz.  Amy has been teaching pilates in LA for the past few years and we thought it would be fun to create some easy workouts under 15 minutes for you to do at home.

Plank Your Way To Strength

Planks are a wonderful way to build strength because:
A: You can do a plank anytime and any place!
B: They are a full body work out and all you need is your own body!
Start with a regular plank and hold it for as long as you can. You can either do a push up position or a forearm plank on your elbows. I recommend the forearm plank if you have bad wrists.

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Roll Away Your Problem Areas: How The Foam Roller Can Reduce Cellulite

Cellulite is many of my clients’ biggest complaints. Working out and eating well can tone muscle and get rid of fat. Cellulite can be more frustrating because it is mostly caused by genetics.

The appearance of cellulite comes from fat cells pushing through fascia. fascia becomes dehydrated with lack of movement or age, and cellulite becomes more apparent.

The most common problem area for cellulite is the upper legs and butt. Rolling out these areas drains the lymphatic system and helps rehydrate the area, thus reducing the appearance of cellulite!

3 ways to Roll: 

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