About Ashley

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Actress & Dog Mom
Fashionable, Dairy-Free, Nature Lover!

Ashley Sutton is an American Actress, model and blogger born in Jacksonville, Florida. She graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Quickly after graduating Ashley realized she wasn’t living the life that made her happy. So she picked up and moved across the country to pursue her true love: Acting. Along the way Ashley fell in love with exercise and eating what was right for her body. It all transpired after Ashley was in a life altering boat accident on set of a movie. After months and months of physical therapy she wanted to get her body to a healthy and strong place. Thats where the idea of a blog came into play. Ashley is a very strong believer in listening to what your body needs from you. If you think you are needing some sugar as a pick me up then eat that cookie girl. Moderation and consistency is the key to healthy and happy life!




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