5 Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

I love everything about the holiday season!

From the lights, shopping, decorating all the way to wrapping my own gifts.  I never been one to get gifts wrapped for me because honestly it’s part of the fun.

While picking out the best holiday paper is always fun, I wanted to share some eco-friendly options for gift wrapping this year.  So save your brown paper shopping bags…you’re gonna need them for some of these ideas.



What you need:


This is my favorite eco-friendly gift wrapping idea (don’t tell the others!).  I loved wrapping my nieces gifts with the Sunday “fun” section of the NY Times.  What’s great about using a newspaper is that you can use the sports section for the sports fan, the entertainment section for the movie fan…you get the idea.  It also took less than a minute to put these together. 





What you need:

1 Brown Paper Bag
Colorful Ribbon
Gold Wire

This is such a simple gift wrapping idea!  I used a vintage red snowflake ribbon, twine and a gold wire.  Chose whatever ribbons you want and wrap and tie them around the box.  Leave just enough space up top to put your card.




What you need:

A Gift Box
Tissue Paper

This is the easiest wrapping of them all!  I really love using these gift boxes to give gifts because I also really love receiving them.  I use them for storage throughout the year (ribbons, cards, pens, etc).  They are so cute and convenient!  Joanns carries a ton of these year round.  




What you need:

Assorted Letter & Number Stickers
Black Shoelace
Mini Chalkboard Clips

Tie your twine around the box and into a tiny bow.  Trace the black cord around the box horizontally.  Add your message to the chalkboard and clip.  I loved the idea of using different size and textured stickers in the TO: message.



 What you need:

Grocery Bag
Mini Clothes pins

This one was a little tedious.  If you are great at painting, this gift wrapping idea is for you.  If I could paint an entire piece of art onto this brown bag I would have.  I went with a simple “Merry”.  I added a date stamp to give it a personal touch.  Lastly, I wrapped it with twine and add my colorful clothes pins.  This is a great place to tuck a card.



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I’m going to be taking some time off from the blog until next week.  So that means I won’t be posting anything else until after Christmas.  If you want to keep in touch follow me on instagram and check out insta stories.  I’ll be sharing all the holiday festivities!


Merry Christmas,


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