The Museum of Ice Cream

We finally got to visit the Museum of Ice Cream in LA this past weekend!

The journey through the Museum of Ice Cream took about an hour and in each room we were met with some type of sweets.  The night started off following a “yellow brick road” of gummy bears all the way up to the entrance.  Once we were inside it was room after room of bright colors and ice cream.  

If you’ve seen anything on Instagram about the museum, the sprinkle pool is by far the best part!  We got to frolic around in the pool for about 15 minutes before moving on to the next room.

At the end of the exhibit there’s a room with tons of games, ice cream and the cutest gift shop filled with some very magical treats.

If you’re in Miami, tickets are on sale right now for the Museum of Ice Cream.  Which means you are next to enjoy this fun, sugar filled experience. Feel free to signup for their newsletters to find out when the MOIC is coming to you!

Photos By: Pete Capella

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