My Tips For Surviving Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday. I LOVE all things Halloween. The costumes, the candy, the scares, the adrenaline rushes, the decorations, the scary movies, and the Horror Nights!


This was my first time experiencing Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. I had a BLAST!! From walking in the entrance to leaving, I either had a huge smile on my face or a terrified scream. Entering the park you’re immediately greeted by dancers and amazing rock horror music that is right up my alley, like Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, and Slipknot. A few more steps in and you’re already screaming due to characters walking towards you with chainsaws.   There are areas around the park called ‘Scare Zones.’ In those zones, there are characters of many kinds who will scare the crap out of you. ?  Once you’re out of the scare zone you are safe! One tip I have for getting through the Scare Zones, is to not act afraid if you don’t want them chasing you. The more scared you are, the more they will chase you! So either look right at them or just be aware of where they are around you to not be startled. They are super sneaky, but it’s fun. I liked the surprises.


The night starts at 7PM but some of the mazes open at 5:15. By going early, you can get through some of the mazes before it gets packed later on. You can also download the Universal app to check current ride wait times. Lines are long, but you can work around them with a plan. If you really want to do everything, I suggest getting the front of the line pass. We went on a Sunday night and only got through two mazes and the tram ride from 7-12. Wear comfy shoes for sure. A game like ‘Heads Up’ is fun to entertain you during the long lines.

The tram ride was my favorite.  Chucky is the host of the tour. You get on the tram, they drive you into the backlot, and then drop you off and you walk through part of the back lot sets with the Titans of Terror scaring you throughout. Jason, Freddy and Leather Face, all my favorite men.  ???  don’t forget about Norman Bates! I loved that it was outdoors and through the sets.


Processed with VSCO with s3 presetThe only bummer about getting to Horror Nights is parking. Parking is hectic but there is plenty of it there and was $25.  It’s definitely worth a visit. We had a blast and I would absolutely go again to do the mazes we missed. They also have some of the other rides like Jurassic Park and The Mummy open for riding during the night. They have food and beverage stands open as well.

Click Here for more info on tickets and dates for Horror Nights.    

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