How The Willpower Of 100 Days Can Change YOUR Life.



100 days ago I was a different person. I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t feeling healthy. I was confused with the direction of my life. I was depressed.

I needed a change. A BIG one, AND NOW!

I knew that I had to make a change for my whole self. Mind. Body. Soul. I needed clarity. I needed answers. I needed to find my inner happiness again. I needed to polish my dulled sparkle.

My first step in this transformation process was to eliminateAlcohol.

Alcohol, as fun as it can be, has little to zero actual benefits for your life. As a bartender and a social butterfly, drinking became a too often part of my life. Alcohol is also a depressant and I definitely felt the effects of that. So, with some support, I made the choice May 29 to completely stop drinking. That decision was the best decision I have made for myself in a very long time.




Since quitting, I have noticed so many changes in my mind and body. The extra, wasted calories were gone and the weight started to fall off! The morning hangovers were also gone which allowed me to get in morning workouts and better sleep. I started feeling happier and more motivated! I became less tired and more energetic. I felt like my vision literally cleared of the fog and I was able to start seeing things a little more clearly. My skin became softer and more hydrated. My face thinned out and wasn’t as puffy. I became more engaging with people and more involved in conversations. I also developed more patience. Most importantly, I became proud of myself. You can find a list of 23 negative effects of drinking alcohol here!

If you or anyone you know needs help to quit drinking please call +1-877-764-8201. You’re not alone.


My next step in my transformation was my diet, fitness, overall body wellness. I started to generally make better choices with what I was eating. I used to crave salty foods but after I stopped drinking I started to crave sugar. That was an interesting switch for me having never really been a sugar person. But I found alternatives and ways to satisfy my craving that were still healthy. Eating things like berries or apples with almond butter helped a lot, as well as making my own ice cream. I would blend bananas with almond butter and freeze it and make ice cream or Popsicles, delicious and healthy!

For the last 30 days of my 100 day transformation I did a very strict detox and cleanse. It was through a company called Arbonne. Basically for 30 days I became vegan, cut out gluten, cut out soy, could not have corn because of the GMO, no vinegar, no caffeine, no starchy vegetables, no simple carbs, no peanuts etc. It was eating only extremely clean healthy things. It also included a seven day detox tea to drink, protein shakes, fiber boost, and digestive plus. I lost 12 lbs in just those 30 days. After those 30 days on top of the other 70 eating healthy and not drinking, I feel incredible. I feel light, I feel healthy, I feel clean, I feel clear, and I feel so connected to my body. It’s really amazing how in tune you can be with your body and actually be able to listen to it and understand what it needs. I also noticed a major change in my hair and nails during the last 30 days especially. My hair has grown like crazy and seems fuller, softer, and stronger. My nails have finally grown and are definitely stronger. I’ve always struggled with my nails and eating healthier and cutting out toxins from my diet has made my nails so healthy and strong.

To find out more about the 30 days to healthy living through Arbonne contact Jessie Pariseau: jessiepariseau



I also began to work out 5 to 6 days a week. Mostly cardio but I mixed in strength training and yoga as well. One of my very favorite workouts is Orange Theory Fitness because you get to do intense HIIT ( high intensity interval training ) workouts with half cardio and half strength training. In the classes it’s all based around your personal heart rate and goals. One of the most interesting things I noticed about my fitness and cardiovascular, is that after these 100 days it became harder to get my heart rate up into the fat burning zone and it would come down into the cool down zone much quicker. I improved my endurance and now I’m having to push myself harder to reach those goals which is a great thing. My heart is healthier and working more efficiently. I feel stronger and my joints don’t hurt as much as they used to. I used to get knee pains a lot and I have had very little pains since I started working out more. I love to stretch and by doing yoga and stretching before and after every workout, I have improved my flexibility and don’t feel muscles tightening throughout the day like before. Staying hydrated is so important for muscle recovery as well; another plus to not drinking alcohol! In total, I lost 29 lbs in the 100 days, dropped 6% body fat and gained 2.5% muscle mass.

(Percentages are based on my scale, not guaranteed accurate)



My final step in this transformation was my mind and soul. In order to be fully balanced, you need to be connected through your mind body and soul. I had disconnected from myself and my inner self for so long being unhappy that this was an adventure and journey to find my true self again. I started writing in my journal again which for me has always been a very therapeutic thing to do. I started doing meditations, practicing positive thinking and being aware of my thoughts. Your thoughts control so much of what happens in your life it is so important to keep your thoughts on track and in a positive vibration. I noticed that as my mind became clearer and I became more balanced, I became happier and all of my ‘problems’ in life seemed to slowly disappear. I found that I have been a better family member and friend in these 100 days due to me being more clear, awake and aware. I have more of me to offer to friends and family when they need support. I have also entered into a new relationship. For so long I had a broken heart and didn’t know if I would meet someone. People would always say you would meet somebody when you’re complete and I never bought it, until now. Now that I feel whole and happy with my self, I have allowed someone in who balances with me and I am able to receive love and give love to him.

I also have figured out more of a life path for myself, even switching careers and getting a new job opportunity, which I’m very excited about.



To wrap this up, these 100 days have changed my life 100% for the better. I am so thankful for this lifestyle change and for where my life is now. I feel connected. I feel love. I feel peaceful. I feel genuine happiness. I encourage everyone who feels they may need a change in their life to just do it! There’s no one in your way but yourself! You actually CAN do it. Just make the decision and do it! You can fight through any doubts or discouragement. Think of how proud you will feel!! If someone told me 100 days ago where I would be now, I don’t know that I would have believed them. It seemed impossible to get out of the rut I was in, but I did it and I have never felt so good or so proud of myself!



Here’s to you.

Sarah x

you can view my transformation photos below

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