Send Flowers For Mothers Day and Support Local Florists

Mother’s Day is just a week away! All mothers, grandmothers, mothers in-laws and any other maternal figure in your life love to be acknowledged for all they do, on mothers day, and they deserve the best!

Mother’s Day is one of those holidays that sneaks up on you. A great way to make your mother feel special is to send a beautiful bouquet of flowers or even a living plant they can plant in their garden and think of you all year! Buying flowers can be tough. Local florists are losing business rapidly because of the big online flower ordering companies. Even if they do direct you to local florists that deliver in your area, they take a HUGE cut just for getting the florist the business. Luckily there is a new flower company in business that fixed all these problems and is actually in the market of helping these small, local florists.

BloomNation is basically the etsy for flowers. It is a small start up in Santa Monica, California that is doing BIG things for the flower industry. It helps local flower businesses by setting up a beautiful, effective webpage and getting them on the map for ordering from anywhere. The florists choose the arrangements and prices and BloomNation connects them to you! All you have to do is type in the zip code of the area you want to send flowers to and they will show you all the beautiful arrangements you can order from local shops! It works just like the big online flower deliver sites, quick and easy, BUT you don’t have to sacrifice supporting small businesses that you believe in!

One of the founders of BloomNation used to be a professional poker player and won all the seed money from a poker game! What a good way to spend his winnings, to start a business to help the smaller florists and fill a much needed niche! The CEO is passionate about the flower industry because his aunt is a florist. He knows exactly what was missing from the business and how to keep these great small businesses alive in conjunction with the growing tech industry.

We are supporting this great start up by ordering all of our Mothers Day flowers from BloomNation and we have a code for all of you, so you can do the same and save money!

Type in this code: BNMthrsDy17 while checking out and save 10% on your order

to learn more about this awesome start up click here! 

To order your gorgeous arrangement, click here!


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