How to Build a Healthy, Sustainable Easter Basket

We love sweets AND we LOVE Easter. Big corporations, (especially candy companies) love easter even more than we do..

We have been trying to be more and more earth conscious, healthy and sustainable in our purchases. This becomes more difficult when nostalgia is involved. We grew up with colorful easter baskets full of candy and toys and we still want to be able to enjoy these things without supporting (and being taken advantage of by) large corporations that capitalize on our favorite holidays!

We have come up with tips and suggestions for creating an easter basket you can feel good about!

  1. Use a basket that can be reused- for kids this could be a brightly colored storage basket, you can put toys in after easter. If you really want that classic brightly colored easter basket, save it and reuse next year for a friend or cousin! For adults you can use something like a pretty bowl, planter, colander, anything that can fit treats inside!
  2. Look at the ingredients. When Picking out your chocolate eggs and bunnies don’t buy anything with artificial dyes or even sugar. It is much healthier to consume chocolate and candy sweetened with coconut sugar, honey or maple sugar. Also make sure your chocolate is fair trade and organic!
  3. When buying cute critters for your easter basket, make sure the company is environmentally conscious. You can even go above and beyond and find a company that gives back!

Stick to these pointers, and below we have some suggestions to get you started!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe chocolate bunny is an easter basket staple! One of our favorite chocolate companies Theo recently started producing handmade chocolate bunnies that come in milk and dark chocolate! It is organic and fair trade chocolate. Unfortunately it’s only available in their retail store in Seattle because it is handmade! BUT shop your local chocolate store for a bunny as beautiful as this one!








Chocolate eggs are another staple of the Easter basket! These Equal Exchange eggs are Fair trade and come in this adorable blue, spring themed box. Perfect for your Easter basket!

Shop them here!



imagesJelly Beans are another classic Easter Treat. Try These organic Jelly Beans from Surf Sweets

Shop them here!


This Lush “bunch of carrots” Bath bomb 06619.jpgis the perfect basket stuffer! They also have a golden egg bath bomb! You can create an entire beauty Easter basket with their spring themed goodies!

Shop it here!





When buying plush toys, support small businesses and local artists like Wood Street Stitchery! They also have adorable little bunnies made from recycled materials!

Shop it here!

The take away:  When shopping for holidays, don’t let all your normal criteria for supporting great businesses and buying great things go out the window because of good marketing! Sometimes the healthy, sustainable holiday themed items are harder to find, but they are SO worth it!

Have a healthy, happy Easter!

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  1. I don’t have any kids myself but I wanted to create Easter baskets for a few of my friend’s children. These are awesome tips for making sure I’m giving their kids healthy baskets. Thanks for the post!

    1. We don’t have kids either! We like to give baskets to our significant others. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I really love the idea of making raster baskets healthier & more practical! I don’t have children but I love doing small thing for my nieces and nephews, so I’ll defiantly keep these in mind!

    1. We like to do them for our significant others. Just a little something to provide better things for any loved ones!

  3. I love how you’ve applied sustainable living to a holiday. I feel like holidays are times when we are often more wasteful than normal. I also love the suggestions for chocolates! Yum. Feeling inspired to do some more earth-friendly shopping in my own corner of the world.

    1. Totally! We are all about minimizing wasteful things. Buy things that are needed and helpful to the world.

  4. Happy Easter!!

    I love these tips and products for making a sustainable Easter basket! If we educate our youth about the importance of healthy eating and helping sustain our environment, thats amazing!

    Thanks so much for sharing!!

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