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If you’ve been following along with us, you know we’re both trying to be more sustainable with our purchases; especially with our wardrobe.  That’s why we love companies like Rent the Runway.  They have single-handedly changed the sustainable fashion game.

For me, there’s something magical about trying on new clothes and showing them off in a little fashion show.  I’ve literally been doing that since I was a kid.  Every single time I buy something new, I give it a spin before I wear it out.  If I end up not liking it, I can return. If I love it, I start planning all the ways I can style it.

The current hesitation for most people with online rentals, is that you never know if it is going to fit properly and you really don’t have much of a choice when it arrives in the mail. That’s why I’m obsessed that Rent the Runway finally added physical stores you can go into, try on pieces and then rent them if you love them.

I’m currently in the market for something to wear to a wedding this summer in Mexico. I’ve used RTR to find the last three outfits I wore to a wedding. If I buy a dress for a wedding, I’m lucky to get even 2 wears out of it.  I just don’t re-wear them!  So of course, when the RTR store opened in Topanga Canyon, I had to go!

This is a gamechanger, ladies!

I had such a blast trying on outfits and putting on a fashion show with the girls that worked there.  They were all super sweet and just as fashion obsessed as I am; especially Allie, who was my “personal stylist” for the afternoon. The best part is that I fell in love with a new brand, Draper James (Reese Witherspoon’s Brand).  The store has almost every single brand you can imagine and they also carry accessories for you to rent. This store is changing my life!

I’m just tired of cluttering my closet with articles of clothing that I don’t wear that often or I haven’t worn in forever.  Who else is guilty for keeping pieces they haven’t worn in years?

You can do a couple of things at the new store: you can go in and try on whatever you want to try on or you can shop their inventory online and go in for a specific piece you’ve been dying to rent.   Each piece at Rent the Runway gets a number of “wears”, the amount of times it’s rented, before its retired.  Most pieces get about 50 turns (higher end brands get about 30)!  50 TURNS!

With Rent the Runway, you can declutter your closet and save the planet a bit!

Shop some of my favorite items below!

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Photos by: Pete Capella (@petecapella)


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