Scenic Views and a Red Jumpsuit

There are so many amazing and iconic views in Los Angeles!  You can drive around almost anywhere and see a beautiful piece of the city. One of my favorite things to do is go to the scenic overlooks on Mulholland Drive and take in the city.  It’s honestly the perfect refresher to make me realize that I am but a small piece of this giant city. _MG_5251

If you know me, you know I love a good jumpsuit! This was all before the Hilary Clinton pantsuit nation movement.  This lovely red 1 State pantsuit is from my Le Tote.  What the heck is Le Tote, you may be asking?

Le Tote is a great company that offers you a subscription service to help you find new pieces. Amy and I both tried it this past month and ,you guys know us, we can’t get enough of sustainable clothing.  We love that you get to borrow 5 pieces (clothing, purses & jewelry) for $59 a tote.  They also have smaller tote consisting of 2 pieces of clothing and one accessory for $39.  While this is a great company for anyone to use, we HIGHLY recommend this for anyone that has a 9-5 job.  They have so many fashionable business pieces and then sometimes you find a gem like this jumpsuit.

1 State is know for having some of the coolest jumpsuits in town!  This one is a great piece for any tropical trips this upcoming Spring and Summer. Lord & Taylor currently has this piece for $74 (originally $139).


I love this choker I got from one of my besties, Lauren.  She always seems to find the best pieces.  The double choker necklace and pearl center to the flower make this look feel a little more feminine. There is just something so delicate about Lauren Conrad’s jewelry collection from Kohls this season.  While this piece isn’t currently in stock you can shop a similar choker for $15 here. 


I’ve personally been trying to up my bracelet game.  I love this Clara Cuff Bracelet from Perry Street.  This piece is a special collection piece for Rocksbox.  If you haven’t tried your free month of Rocksbox you should 1000% do it.  You can use our code:  ThreePrettyBeansxoxo


I’ve previously talked about my LOVE for Kate Spade…maybe a little too much!  This is my wedding clutch from almost 3 years ago (I can’t believe it’s been that long).  Kate Spade still makes tons of really cool clutches, but she’s retired the book clutch line for the time being.  You can find this exact clutch on Ebay for $300.


Pairing this jumpsuit with chunky black heels pulled the whole look together for me. These black velvet Jeffrey Campbells are no longer on the market, but they are selling an open toed version of this shoe you can shop here.

Jumpsuit: 1 State – Le Tote  |  Clutch: Kate Spade  |  Necklace:  Lauren Conrad  |  Bracelet:  Perry Street – Rocksbox  |  Shoes:  Jeffrey Campbell

Photos by: Pete Capella

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