My Mother’s Dress: A Vintage Piece With Personal History

My mom is a very stylish woman. She has amazing taste. I aspire to have as beautiful a house and wardrobe as she does. Unfortunately I have never gotten to steal her clothes or shoes. She is 5’8” I am 5’5” and very petite. She likes to wear men’s shirts because she feels she has very broad shoulders. I have super narrow shoulders. My feet are a 7 and hers are 8.5. You get the picture! We are not the same size. 

My sister is closer to my mother’s size so years ago my mom gave her the dress she wore to her rehearsal dinner over 30 years ago. It said size 8 which would mean it would fit my sister, but sizes were different back then.. My sister was cleaning out her closet and found the dress and realized just how tiny it was and brought it downstairs for me to try. To all of our surprise, it fit! we didn’t have to alter a single thing.

I came home from LA to go to an old friend’s wedding in my home town and wearing my mom’s old dress just felt right. Every time I visit my home I am reminded how important my own history is in who I am today. Wearing a piece of my mom’s history was so special to me. Sometimes a dress is more than just a dress.






Shoes: DVF

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