My Week As Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is a health goddess. She’s figured out how to live a healthy lifestyle with her diet, her fitness routine and her mentality.  That is, seriously, a job within itself. If you’ve read her book Pretty Happy: The Healthy Way to Love Your Body, you know she is all about doing what is right for YOUR body; what works for you. I thought it would be fun to take on Kate’s diet, workout routine & meditation for a week to see what it does to both my body and my mind.


Eat Like Kate

Every morning Kate starts with a green juice.  So, every morning, I pulled out my juicer (or on my lazy days I grabbed a Clover juice) and got my AM veggies in.  She’s also a morning workout person, which I AM NOT.  That was something I was able to adjust to after adopting her routine of a giant cup of black coffee. 

Kate’s diet is dairy, meat & gluten free–most of the time.  She also tries to stay away from sugars and processed foods. I’m already a vegetarian, but I’m a carb loving vegetarian, so I didn’t go fully gluten free for my week as Kate. I knew starting this journey that giving up sweets was going to be the hardest thing for me; closely followed by cheese.  I could marry cheese.  So this switch up of food was something that I had to plan for.  I looked at Pinterest for recipes of different meals I could try, as well as making all of my Hello Fresh (a wonderful home-delivery meal service) meals vegan.  

Kate eats 5 small meals a day, which I am NOT accustomed to.  I had to find some healthy vegan snacks to munch on between meals. I came across a few favorites:  plantain chips, Go Raw cookies & Effi Probiotic Carebars. I also did days where I used cucumber and hummus & tons of assorted fruits as my snacks.

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Fig & Avocado Toast
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Vegan Dinner with Friends

Fit Like Kate

I don’t normally do pilates.  Obviously that was something that I had to add to my week to become a little more like Kate.  I did reformer pilates on Monday with Amy & my hubs.  It was super fun!  I did mat pilates later in the week with Amy & our friend Sarah and I have to say it kicked my butt.  Literally my butt was sore for three days.  Mat pilates is something that I want to keep in my fitness routine because I think it had a huge impact on my body.

I also stuck to something that I love to do: yoga.  That is my pilates.  It’s something that my body craves and I feel extremely happy afterwards.  I really enjoyed switching things up. I think that keeping your body guessing is an extremely important trick to get the body that you desire. IMG_0346IMG_0529

Happy Like Kate

To clear my mind and relax my soul I went outside for a hike and hung out at the pool in my favorite LK Bikini.  Of course, you can’t live like Kate without getting in a bathing suit.  Amy & I also took a 30 minute guided meditation class at Wanderlust.  This was an interesting experience for me.  I’ve never done a meditation session that long and I thought I was going to struggle with it.  The time actually went by incredibly fast and I left feeling refreshed and level headed.

I also spent Sunday surrounded by my favorite friends at brunch.  Ending the week on such a high note with my friends was the perfect end to my week as Kate.

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What I’ve Learned

Kate is an extremely disciplined lady.  I was tempted, almost too many times by something sweet or to not get my butt up for the gym.  I do understand why she does what she does.  The no dairy & no sweets left my stomach feeling really good and looking flat.  Pilates left me sore and I noticed a strength in my abs.  The meditation and time for self left me feeling level headed and at peace.

I’m going to take some of these things and add them to my lifestyle because they work for me.  If you do decide to try them (& I think you should!) listen to your body and do whats best for you!

Wishing you Health, Wealth & Happiness,

Ashley Sutton

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