Must Have Healthy Bargains at Costco

Recently I have been obsessed with Costco. Unfortunately, I can’t promise that all Costco’s across the country have these amazing finds, but in California we have some organic, healthy steals that are too good to pass up! I have always been a fan of Costco, but my boyfriend took some convincing. The packaging can be a little impractical and some things are just too much food for two people to consume! BUT when we recently joined he was completely sold. We had been buying these 3 staple items at our local health food store or whole foods for ridiculous prices. Costco had these items we use all the time for less and they are 4 times as much organic, healthy goodness!¬†

Hope Hummus- Spicy Avocado $3.99 for 8oz (50 cents per oz) at Whole Foods, $5.99 for 26oz (23 cents per oz) at Costco! Thats a 50% discount and enough hummus to last more than one sitting!



GT’s Organic, Raw Kombucha (I buy the synergy flavor!)¬†$3.59 for a bottle at Whole Foods, $11.49 at Costco for 6 bottles that’s under $2 per bottle!!!!


Mary’s Gone Crackers¬†$4.99 for a 6.5oz box at Whole Foods (77 cents per oz), $7.49 for a 20oz box at Costco (37 cents per oz)! CRAZY DEAL!


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