Green Your Morning Routine With a Shot of Wheatgrass

Growing up, my mom would go to Whole Foods and get fresh shots of wheatgrass. She even had fresh grass at home to take the shots. Wheatgrass became super popular because of the Chlorophyl and high vitamin content. I thought she was crazy for eating grass sounded disgusting. Now I take a shot of wheatgrass every morning!


  • Just 2 ounces of wheatgrass is nutritionally equivalent to 5 pounds of raw, organic vegetables
  • It is packed with vitamins: it is high in vitamin C, A and a full spectrum of B vitamins as well as phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and potassium!
  • The live enzymes help eradicate toxins from the body
  • It is high in Chlorophyl which cleanses and refreshes the blood
  • ¬†when consumed as a living juice, it also boosts the immune system and protects from premature aging

I could go on forever about the benefits of a wheatgrass shot. There are so many reasons to try it! It tasted slightly earthy, but no more intense than a mild green juice. I love a slice of lime after the shot. I got this powder at Costco and am absolutely obsessed. It contains 98 shots. It is superior to store bought wheatgrass because this powder is harvested after reaching peak maturity and immediately juiced and dehydrated. It has all the benefits of fresh wheatgrass with none of the hassle of juicing the grass each day. I love it because even if I only have a minute, I can get all the benefits of a fresh wheatgrass shot, and you can’t beat the price!



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