6 Facts to Make You LOVE Matcha Tea Lattes

Matcha green tea is making a comeback!

I’ve been seeing tons of people posting pictures of match tea lattes lately. I myself have been cutting down of coffee caffeine and opting for a matcha tea latte. If you haven’t tried matcha or aren’t ordering it on the regular, here is why it should be your drink of choice.

6 Facts to Make you LOVE Matcha Tea Lattes

1. Drinking one serving size of matcha has the health benefit equivalent to drinking 10 cups of green tea.

2. It boosts your metabolism and helps you burn calories faster.

3. It helps you relax and increases your focus

4. It is an antioxidant superfood that helps lower your cholesterol, prevents diseases and lowers your blood sugar.

5. It naturally detoxifies your body

6. It gives you energy!

I like to drink my matcha in a latte but you can try it in ice cream or use it baking.

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