Save Money and Time with Meals Shipped to Your Door

We LOVE food. It is tough to be a foodie in LA because there are SO many good places to eat. It can be hard to resist going out all the time! We have both gone through periods of time where we are eating out too much because we are busy and it is easy and delicious. Sometimes you just don’t have the time to plan meals, go shopping AND cook. Thats why the new food delivery box trend is so awesome. We love to cook and we want to get better at cooking. The meal delivery boxes are great because:

There is no waste. They give you the exact right amount of all the ingredients, so you never have to throw away any food!
They help teach you to cook. Not only do the recipes inspire you to try new things, they also teach you new cooking techniques and methods.
They save you time. You don’t have to shop, plan or find recipes. Its all done for you, you just follow the directions and enjoy.
You save money. You are not going to go out for food when you have beautiful meals waiting for you to make at home! Also, we both found that when they said one meal for 2 people, we had leftovers and ate the rest for lunch the next day!

We tried Green Chef and Hello Fresh. Both were great for different reasons.Read more…
We loved that both had diet preferences before ordering. You could choose what you don’t eat, or even choose vegetarian or paleo boxes.

We loved the packaging of both meal services we tried:

Green Chef Color coded the ingredients for the different meals.


Hello Fresh put the different meals in separate boxes


It looks like a lot of packaging but everything is recyclable or compostable.




The box is very well insulated, so if you are not home until many hours after it is delivered your food will be perfectly fresh!

Green Chef Meals 





Hello Fresh Meals 




Our findings from each service:

Hello Fresh: Slightly faster and easier meals and we loved the fun things they included like beer pairings and drink recipes.

Green Chef: Organic, higher quality ingredients. Restaurant quality presentation.

There are so many different companies that offer food delivery now. We still want to try them all! These services can be more expensive than shopping for yourself but are so worth it. If you want to try them without paying full price, many of them have first time user deals and groupons! For Hello Fresh use the code: UXEBCR for $40 off your first box! When you try the service for the first time, you will get codes to give to your friends for free meal boxes. Everyone wins!

We look forward to making our meals all day, you will not be disappointed! Choose your box and get cooking!

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