Plank Your Way To Strength

Planks are a wonderful way to build strength because:
A: You can do a plank anytime and any place!
B: They are a full body work out and all you need is your own body!
Start with a regular plank and hold it for as long as you can. You can either do a push up position or a forearm plank on your elbows. I recommend the forearm plank if you have bad wrists.


Forearm Plank 

If the forearm plank is too difficult, or you feel it going into your back, try the modified plank.

Make sure you are in a straight line from your head to your toes (or your knees for modified plank). Tuck the tailbone, engage the abdominal a and squeeze your glutes! You will be shaking in no time!
Try to do a plank a day to build up the amount of time you can hold it. If you start at 30 seconds do that for a couple days and then add 10 seconds. Once you’re at 2-3 minutes stay there for a while!
Doing the same old plank every day can get boring so once you can hold a solid plank in good form, try these variations!

Pilates Leg Pull-Down

Lift one leg, keeping it as straight as possible. On the other leg, move the heel back and forth twice, then switch sides. Try 3-5 sets. When you need a break, “Childs pose” is a great place to rest and release the back!

Single Leg Kicks in Forearm Plank 

In plank position, lift one food and bend at knee to kick seat twice. Replace foot and switch sides. Do 3 sets.

Pilates Leg Pull-Up 


For plank purposes, this first position is essentially an upside-down plank! Make sure you are a straight line from shoulder to toes, hips lifted. Look into your abs to protect your neck. Start with holding this position. If it feels okay you can add the leg lifts.

Keep the original position but lift one leg at a time. Replace it to the ground with control. Do 3 sets. Rest and stretch wrists.
You will be amazed at how quickly you will gain strength by doing a plank a day! Enjoy!

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