The Every Girl Guide to Sports Bras

Sports bras can be one of the absolute hardest things to shop for in activewear. For years I would layer cheap sports bras for different work outs because they were just not right. Finally I have found the right sports bras for the right work outs.

Size A-B OR larger sizes if you are doing low impact i.e. Yoga or Pilates: 


This nike pro indy sports bra is super comfortable and soft and really cute. I have it in grey with lime green straps. I love that it is so comfortable I’ll wear it all day. I also love the thin straps and low profile side panels for wearing under take tops the lime green straps look super cute! It is definitely minimal support for bigger chested girls so I wear it for yoga.

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Size B-D Higher impact i.e.. gym classes, spinning and hiking 


The energy bra by lululemon is probably my favorite sports bra. I like that it has great support without looking super heavy duty. I wear this bra ALL the time. I’ve tried other bras from lululemon and they are also extremely cute, try them all. This one works best for me because it stays put and has great support without being uncomfortable. It also looks great under shirts.

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Medium to high support size B-DD


This bra has great support because of the interior cups. I like that it doesn’t look like a regular bra with the underwire but it has the same great support and looks GREAT under clothes. Victoria’s secret has some really great sports bras for larger chested women. Try them on, you will definitely find one you like!

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Maximum Support, Sizes B and up! 


Athleta’s extreme control sports bra is for SUPER high impact and larger chested ladies. It’s great for running or tennis or if you just want to feel very secure.

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