Vitamins and Supplements: Know what you’re taking and why! 

Vitamins and supplements are a great way to complete your healthy diet, but they can be super confusing and you definitely don’t want to take something that isn’t going to help you. We have created a guide to get you started. You will feel confident about the information you will need, to find they best way to supplement your personal diet and lifestyle! 

First, determine what vitamins and minerals you need to supplement. Ideally, we would get everything we need in our reagular diet. Unfortunately most people do not get enough of all the vitamins they need each day due to availability of healthy food in the work place and our busy schedules!

You can start by looking at your daily life for clues as to what you are missing. If you sit in an office all day and rarely get to see the sun, you are likely deficient in vitamin D. If you are vegan or vegetarian you might be missing B12 which is found in animal protein and helps keep energy up!

Another area to consider is existing health conditions or chronic ailments. If you are always tired, that is something to consider. If you have muscle or joint pain or suffer from depression those are great clues for what supplements to choose! Vitamin D helps with muscle pain and vitamin C is proven to effect your mood positively.

Family history is another great place to look. Vitamin D and calcium help prevent osteoporosis.

If you have no idea what you need more of you can check your most recent blood work or ask your doctor for recommendations.

Next choose the best option for the vitamin you need. All supplements are not created equally. The first and most important thing to look for is a vitamin made from whole food, not synthetic vitamins. Synthetic vitamins are effective but harder for your body to process and they contain many processed ingredients, which are never good! If the bottle doesn’t say “whole food vitamin” you can look at the ingredients. These whole food vitamins can be derived from many different foods so if you are vegan or vegetarian make sure you check that your vitamin is too! Organic ingredients are always best, so look for an organic vitamin made from whole food.

Next you can choose vitamins specialized for your age and gender. These are decided based on what most people in your stage of life need more of.

If you need many different vitamins, taking a multivitamin is probably the most convenient way to get more of what you need in one place.

After you have selected your vitamins carefully, make taking them part of your daily routine. Vitamins have different dosages and recommendations for taking them. If you are supposed to take them with food, make it part of your breakfast routine and keep them in the kitchen. If it’s before you eat, maybe your night stand is the best place. If you are taking something throughout the day you may want to carry them in your purse. You will find what works best for you!

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