Aerial Yoga Class

We at Three Pretty Beans LOVE to workout! We also love to try new things. So, we have decided to branch out and try different group fitness classes in the Los Angeles area to let you, our lovely and loyal readers, know what classes are worth spending the extra buck for. Our first class was this past Sunday at Up Flying Yoga in Studio City. It’s an aerial yoga studio that also does a silks class & an aerial dance class.

Once we got to class, there was an instructor and an assistant that helped measure us for the right length of silks. Throughout the class we did several different types of workouts. There was relaxing yoga in the silks, a leg workout & of course everyones favorite: ABS!


There were two moments in the class where we were hanging completely upside down in the silks. It was amazing! Full disclosure: we did get a little nauseated because we both ate right beforehand.


My favorite part of the class were the moments we were inside the silks completely. It helped relax every muscle in my body and helped me stretch my muscles in a healthy way. You know how you get that foggy feeling after a yoga class? I had that feeling all day long. I even have a little bit of it now as I write this, a full 24 hours later. It was just so relaxing and my body feels both healthy and strong.

We would both 100% recommend you to take this class if you are in the area. It was incredibly fun and your body gets something completely different than what mat yoga provides.IMG_8271We are heading back this week to try out an Aerial Dance class, hoping to build our way up to the granddaddy of them all: Silks!

Wishing you Health, Wealth & Happiness,
Ashley Sutton

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