Roll Away Your Problem Areas: How The Foam Roller Can Reduce Cellulite

Cellulite is many of my clients’ biggest complaints. Working out and eating well can tone muscle and get rid of fat. Cellulite can be more frustrating because it is mostly caused by genetics.

The appearance of cellulite comes from fat cells pushing through fascia. fascia becomes dehydrated with lack of movement or age, and cellulite becomes more apparent.

The most common problem area for cellulite is the upper legs and butt. Rolling out these areas drains the lymphatic system and helps rehydrate the area, thus reducing the appearance of cellulite!

3 ways to Roll: 

Backs of Thighs and Butt 

Sit on foam roller with hands behind you on the mat. With straight legs lift feet and roll back and forth. 10 times or for 30 seconds.

Hips and Sides Of Thighs

On your side with elbow and forearm on mat. Lift straight legs off mat and roll back and forth. If this is deficit try it with the top knee bent, foot on the mat, to help you roll.

10 times or for 30 seconds

Front of Thighs

Come into a forearm plank with thighs on foam roller (just above the knee) roll back and forth 10 times (all the way up to the front of hips) or for 30 seconds. Make sure abs are engaged to protect lower back.
Things to remember: 

Never roll over joints!

Use a softer foam roller with some give so you don’t damage the fascia. I love this roller  it is soft enough but also durable.

You should see results in just a couple weeks if you roll out every day in all these areas. Do cardio 3-4 times a week for 30 min and a strengthening toning work out like Pilates or TRX 2-3 times with your rolling routine, for a longer, leaner body!

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