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I grew up in a farmhouse in New England with TONS of gardens. I absolutely love living in the city. I lived in New York City and now in LA and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. BUT I really miss having a yard. For Hanukah 2 years ago my dad sent me an “herbal menorah”.                                                       8 tiny pots and packs of seeds for different herbs. It was a brilliant idea and I absolutely loved having fresh herbs in my apartment to cook with! Ever since then, my garden has grown and it makes my apartment such a happy place 🙂

3 Great Reasons to Start Your Apartment Garden:

  1. Plants literally filter the air you breathe.
  2. You will save money by growing the herbs for the food you cook.
  3. It will make your apartment more beautiful.

3 Tips For Starting Your Garden:

  1. Buy a cheap shelf. Mine is from Ikea and they also have a metal one for a more industrial look.
  2. Start with easy to grow plants. Succulents are great because they love sun and don’t need a lot of water, so if you’re forgetful they will be your best friend. They are also fun to arrange in a big pot AND to start them all you need is one little succulent leaf to grow into the giant ones in the picture! So borrow one from a friend and you don’t even have to buy them!
  3. Grow some herbs! I have found that basil is really easy to grow and I use it in my cooking all the time. try lavender and rosemary for fun cocktails as well!




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