Spring Cleaning: Fridge Edition 

I’m not a neat freak but when I start cleaning an area of my apartment I tend to get carried away. One area that doesn’t get cleaned out frequently enough is the fridge.

Lately I have been trying to grocery shop and cook more at home in an attempt to save money for travel and be healthy and know exactly where my food comes from. 

Grocery shopping more has got me thinking about ways to organize my food and prevent waste by using my fridge more effectively!

5 tips for using your fridge more effectively: 

1. Use bins or labels to create sections: A more organized fridge will make you want to cook and snack at home instead of buying overpriced food when you’re out.


2. Buy glass containers/ jars to store food: Having your own containers will help to keep your fridge organized and looking sharp!

3. Create an “eat first” section: I absolutely hate wasting food. A lot of the time after grocery shopping I forget about things in my fridge. An eat first section contains the things that are going bad first. It will help to reduce food and money waste!

4. Pre-cut Veggies: Believe it or not, the way you use your refridgerator can actually help you be healthier and lose weight. Cutting tons of fruits and veggies at once and storing them in containers in the fridge will make you more likely to snack on them or cook with them when you’re in a rush, because they’re already prepared!

5. Keep a running shopping list: Whenever you run out of something, put it on the list! My list is in the side of my fridge so it is easily accessible. Using this list while shopping (and planning your meals with the list) will help you not to overshop and impulse buy!

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