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Why we are crushing on Kelsey…


Kelsey is a beautiful woman inside and out.  She also happens to be a beauty queen. Kelsey was Miss Oklahoma 2013.  She competed for the Miss America crown and walked away 2nd runner up!  Congrats Kelsey!  Kelsey is now in Los Angeles pursuing her dream of acting.  You can catch her as Dominique Brown in FX’s American Crime Story.

You keep an eye on more of her projects on her IMDB.

Kelsey is a ray of sunshine!

When she sees you she immediately runs up and gives you a hug with a big smile on her face.  She also has a very heartwarming story.  Instead of me telling you everything she has overcome, I’m going to share a video from Project Hope Worldwide.  A non-profit organization Kelsey has partnered with to share her story of when Hope Stepped In.

HopeStepsIn – KelseyGriswold from PHWW on Vimeo.

Name: Kelsey Griswold

Social media handles: insta: kelsey_griswold twitter: kelseygris

What type of activities do you do to stay fit?
I work out at the gym pretty religiously, but I LOVE soul cycle (purifies my soul), yoga, and hiking the Tarzana trail.

What do you think is the key to a healthy lifestyle?
I think it is all about the balance of mind, body and soul. Also, everything in moderation!

What’s your favorite asset?
My smile…is that corny?

What is your LEAST favorite workout? But why do you still do it?
I think running on a treadmill can get pretty monotonous, but I find it to be rewarding if I really give it all I’ve got.

If you had to choose any healthy meal or snack what would it be?
Cake. Just kidding. I have an addiction to protein so if I have a protein shake with chicken I am pretty set to go…that is so disgusting now that I think about it.

We all have cheat days, what’s your poison?
Cake. Like…cake.

What inspires you to be healthy and active?
My mom was sick the majority of my life, and after she passed away when I was 15 I realized I had to change the way I lived right now or my body could be suffering the same way hers did. Ultimately, I had to make this change for myself and to gain sense of stability in what can be a chaotic lifestyle.

What is your best beauty secret?
I never ever go to bed with make up on…even if that means keeping makeup wipes by my bed. Also, having an esthetician you trust. Mine has changed my life in so many ways other than my skin, and has been a huge part of building my confidence.

If you could give girls any advice about loving their bodies what would you say?
People have opinions of what is beautiful, but I decided a long time ago that I have better judgment about the way I look than anyone else does. When I look in the mirror, I decide daily that I like what I see. It took me a really long time before I actually believed it, but after many ups and downs, that thought process has become second nature.


Kelsey’s Recipe:

Nice Cream!! Take 3 bananas and cut them up and put them in the freezer until completely frozen. Put the pieces in a blender with a cap full of almond milk and a dash of vanilla extract and blend! It’s the healthiest ice cream in the world! I like to decorate it with coconut shreds and cinnamon!

Wishing you Health, Wealth & Happiness,

Ashley Sutton



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