Restaurant Review: Blue Window

This isn’t what I would call a “healthy” place to eat.  It’s more of an “I’m craving some amazingly crafted junk food” kind of place. It’s what Chef KAJSA ALGER & Co-Chef SUSAN FENIGER call a food truck without the truck.  Man, it’s DELICIOUS!

You can find this wonderful blue gem tucked in the streets of Hollywood on Highland Ave. You can’t miss it with its standout blue wall.  You go up to the tiny window, order your dishes & grab a seat at the stools on the sidewalk.  Then you wait for your yummy treats to be crafted.

The coolest part about this restaurant is that they completely change the menu every 6 months.  Their last menu had a Korean flare to it & their current menu is more on the comfort food side.

Here is what I tried:IMG_7482

I tried the Braised Beef Cheddar Melt, Falafel Battered Onion Rings & Sweet Potato Fries.  I’m still talking about those Falafel onion rings.  They were AMAZING!  They can also make all of their dishes vegan.

Their menu just changed over.  So try and head over there to check out these dishes (even if its just the onion rings).  It’s definitely worth the trip. IMG_7478IMG_7492

You can find more information about this lovely place to stop and visit in LA at

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Ashley Sutton

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