Why is no one talking about this?

Today we are doing something a little bit different on the blog. We are going to talk about something that hits really close to our home (literally, less than 35 miles) and something that isn’t being talking about in the media as much as it should be.

There is a huge methane gas leak happening in Southern California right now.  It’s the biggest environmental disaster since the BP oil spill.  Why isn’t it getting just as much press?

This gas leak has been going on since October 23rd and it still isn’t resolved. It is a disaster that has caused around 2,600 families to move from their homes with many more people still waiting to be relocated.


It is so bad that our favorite environmentalist, Erin Brockovich (not Julia Roberts), has stepped in to help the families that have been affected by this.
But this is going to continue. It’s been going on for months. It’s going to continue to go on for more months. As you said, it’s going to contribute to what? One-quarter of all of those emissions for the state of California. It’s outrageous. It’s frightening, at its best. It’s horribly concerning to this community. They are sick. And the impacts keep going on. And that’s what makes it so catastrophic. And it’s frightening for us to have a company like this, where you can’t get down there, and you’ve removed a valve, you didn’t replace that valve, and you now don’t have the ability to stop this for half a year or longer—is a bad scenario. – Erin Brockovich
What is methane?
Methane is a main component of natural gas that is found underground. California regulators did vote on Saturday to shut down this facility, but that could take months.  So much environmental damage has already been done. FYI, It takes methane about 12 years to completely dissipate from the atmosphere.
How does it affect Southern California residents?
I, myself, had my first nose bleed EVER. I have no idea if my nosebleed directly correlates with the amount of methane & natural gas being released into the air, but it happened. It’s happening to tons of people.
Symptoms include nausea, dizziness, vomiting, shortness of breath, headaches and nosebleeds.  All of these symptoms are consistent with inhalation and exposure to mercaptans (which is added to methane and has that horrible eggy smell).  If you start to feel like any of these symptoms are happening to you, please be cautious and see a doctor. It would also be wise to contact a lawyer.
The truth of the matter is that this issue still isn’t solved.  Yes, they are planning to shut down the plant in Porter Ranch.  But, what happens after that?
How can you help?
By spreading the word. Share this post on Facebook or share one of the links below. Educate yourself and help educate some of the people you know.  If you are into the old fashioned way, send a letter to Gov. Jerry Brown telling him that this issue needs to take priority.

You may contact Governor Jerry Brown by mail at:

Governor Jerry Brown
c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814

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