Grocery Store Guide 

With so many options for supermarkets it can be hard to decide where to do your food shopping. I’ve found that each of my favorite markets has pros and cons. I’ve broken it down so you know which shop to visit for your specific needs!

Whole Foods 

Pros: Great selection, wide variety,

Cons: Pricey, crowded

Trader Joe’s 

Pros: Great value, good packaged foods

Cons: Not the best produce selection

Specialty Health Food Stores (Erewhon and Lassen’s)

Pros: Amazing organic selection, great supplements and vitamins, products you can trust, knowledgeable staff

Cons: Expensive

Your Local Co-Op (Santa Monica) 

Pros: Local, Food you can trust, fair prices

Cons: Not enough of them!

Unfortunately convenience is a big factor in where you choose to shop. If it’s hard to get to the stores with the best products for the best prices, try a CSA. We love “Farm Fresh to You” they deliver organic produce right to your door!

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