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Why we are crushing on Jennifer Greene…JenniferGreene

Jennifer is the absolute best.  She is an East Coast transplant working on her career as an actress in Los Angeles.  She is one of the most proactive individuals I have had the pleasure of meeting in LA. Not only that, she is extremely hardworking with anything she does.  She is always on the grind, working to make her dreams come true.  Jennifer shows the same commitment to her health and fitness as she does with her work ethic.

She recently starred in “Sex, Death & Bowling” with Adrian Grenier & Selma Blair. This girl is on the rise!  One of the main reasons she is going to be a star is her extremely positive outlook on life.  She is always sharing the most inspiring things on social media and in conversation.

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Check out her full interview below!

What type of activities do you so to stay fit?

-To stay fit, I run, spin, take yoga classes, hike, do HIIT classes, weight train and the occasional hip hop dance class. The key is variety for me!

What do you think is the key to a healthy lifestyle?

-The key to a healthy lifestyle, I think, is taking care of yourself and listening to your body. This encompasses what you put in your body, but also what you like when it comes to being active. I think it’s absolutely crucial (for me at least) that working out doesn’t seem like a chore, something you HAVE to do. It should be fun, you should WANT to do it!

What’s your favorite asset?

-My favorite asset is everything! Really, there’s not one part of my body that I like more or less than others, and that’s really important. You shouldn’t harbor any negativity when it comes to your body. Although, if I absolutely had to choose, I guess I would say my abs, because (very thankfully!) they require the least amount of work for me! But I would say my favorite thing is seeing my strength increase. I notice my legs get stronger after weeks of endurance training when I’m spinning and running a lot, and my abs get stronger when I add new exercises into my rotation.

What is your LEAST favorite workout?  But why do you still do it?

-My least favorite workout are the oh so dreaded squat jumps! Plyometrics are difficult because they incorporate strength training and cardio and they increase your heart rate so quickly. It’s hard not to feel out of shape doing plyos! But I continue to do them 2-3 times a week in my HIIT classes because they are such a great workout and they hit so many areas at once!IMG_3400.JPG

If you had to choose any healthy meal or snack what would it be?

-If I had to choose a healthy meal, it would be an egg white omelette which I make every day and fill it with veggies. Being a vegetarian, it can be challenging to incorporate enough protein into your diet, but you get creative and figure it out. I put onion, spinach and tomatoes in my omelette and it’s such a great way to start your day off with vegetables. For a snack after my workout, I love nonfat, plain organic greek yogurt with 1/2 banana, a few pecans broken up and a very generous amount of cinnamon..it’s so so tasty, and has no added sugar (other than the banana)!

We all have cheat days, what’s your poison?

-Cheat days, agh! I go through phases. Sometimes it’s hummus (I know, I know it sounds boring but I can go to town on the stuff), sometimes vegan chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, but lately, it’s popcorn. Olive oil (or coconut oil, so so addicting!) popcorn from Whole Foods. AMAZING.

What inspires you to be healthy and active?

-I’ve always been healthy and active. My mom’s a nurse, so I was raised to eat well and take care of my body. We rarely, if ever, had junk food in the house. I also played sports growing up and am competitive by nature. I would say the thing that inspires me most though, would be seeing others being healthy and active. My friends inspire me, following fitness professionals on social media inspires me, seeing people compete in marathons, watching games, it all really feeds me. Also, reading and staying up to date with new workouts, and health and wellness news is really important to me.

If you could give girls any advice about loving their bodies what would you say?

-This is a great question! If I could give girls advice about loving their bodies, it would be this: sending yourself negative vibes/thoughts hurts you. No one thinks about your body the way you do, people have their own stuff going on in their lives to focus on all the minute details of your body. Don’t look too closely in the mirror. We all do it, we are so hard on ourselves, but it doesn’t serve us at all. If you judge yourself, you make it that much easier to judge others, and we all need to be less judgmental and more accepting of each other. There’s going to come a day in our lives when we’re older and we look back at our younger selves and think “wow, I really looked great, I wish I hadn’t spent so much time being critical of myself.” The sooner we can realize this, the better!!

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