Chest Openers You Can Do Anywhere

Goal Post (Foam Roller) Stretch:

This is my favorite chest opener. If you don’t have a foam roller, use a yoga mat or fold a pillow in half and place between shoulders. Make sure you let the weight of your arms reach for the floor. 
Another option for my favorite: Lean forward in a doorway. You can do this anywhere! Even right in the middle of your work day, jump up from your desk and find a door way. Lean forward with abs and glutes engaged. Use your weight to open the chest. 


Forward Fold with Chest Opener: This is another great one to do anywhere and you also get a hamstring stretch!


Cobra/Swan/Supine Chest Stretch: you just need a small piece of floor for this one. Make sure your shoulders are down. If you have lower back pain, separate the legs to hip width. If this is too much, try propping yourself up on your elbows. 

We spend so much of the day at our computers or hunched over our phones. Take time to counter stretch and release the tight chest muscles and keep up good posture. If you can sit at a desk top instead of a lap top you are more likely to sit tall. Bring your phone to your eye level instead of looking down at your phone. It is much easier to correct bad posture while you are young, so start now!

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