Food Review: Jeni’s Ice Cream

For our 100th post, I decided to celebrate with a review of my new favorite ice cream place! I am not a believer in cheat days or cheat meals. I think you can cheat whenever you feel like it if you treat your body with respect and eat a generally healthy and nutritious diet. Everything in moderation, EVEN moderation 😉

After dinner last night, my friend Val started talking about this amazing ice cream place with a dark chocolate peppermint flavor in Los Feliz. We were sold and immediately drove there. This place did not disappoint. We tried: dark chocolate peppermint, churro, honey pistachio, wild berry lavender and darkest chocolate. Each flavor was absolutely amazing and we would have tried them all if there wasn’t a line forming behind us.

Two things that made us feel great about our treat:

-“Jeni’s is a Certified B Corporation endorsed by the international nonprofit B Lab as a company that meets rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Using Direct Trade and Fair Trade ingredients, employing a diverse team of people, working with women- and minority-owned businesses—it’s all part of how we operate and an important part of our company culture.”

-“It takes a community of people to build ice creams from the ground up. Growers, producers, suppliers, makers. We’ve always worked with many partners to help us make ice cream the way we want to make it, and these relationships have enabled us to do what no other ice cream companies have done before us. We believe we get higher quality ingredients when we know and have a personal relationship with the people we’re buying them from, so we buy direct whenever we can.”

I loved the flavors. The service was super friendly and really knowledgeable they talk about these flavors like they are a fine wine.

The decor was also beautiful, clean and simple. I love that they scoop from the big freezer case right in front of you like a classic ice cream shop. They have the cutest framed pictures on the walls and twinkling strings of lights above. I also especially loved the festive, handmade paper chains across the windows.


If you are in the Los Angeles area. Run to Jeni’s as fast as you can. If not, pick up their cook book and you can try making their delicious treats at home! You can also order their ice cream online!


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