Tips to Keep Stress to a Minimum This Holiday Season

It’s hard to believe that thanksgiving is just around the corner. After that the holiday season is in full swing. November through January is always my favorite time of year because there is so much to look forward to, but it can also be a lot to handle. We have some tips for how to stay save through the madness!

1. Plan Ahead:

  • Plan your gifts in advance so that you aren’t rushing around at the last minute.
  • Grocery shop and plan food for your events in advance.

2. Save Money:

  • Make gifts or give experiences to save cash on material items.
  • Plan creative outfits. You will probably be going to many events and parties so get creative! Repurpose that old sparkly dress for New Years!

3. Make Time For Yourself:

  • You’re going to be spending tons of time with extended family and old friends. Don’t feel obligated to attend every party. Spend time with the people who matter the most and those you don’t get to see often. Don’t be afraid to stay home and relax and recharge.
  • Take time to exercise and meditate. Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you should forget about your health and fitness. Working out will keep you happy and healthy!

Enjoy the holiday season without the stress by thinking about what you need and listening to your body. Happy holidays! More tips to come throughout the season to keep you stress free and full of joy!

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