Fashion Friday: Top 3 Fitness Must Haves

The point of fitness is not to be fashionable, but having fitness clothes that you feel confident and beautiful in is SUPER important. We want you to WANT to put on your work out clothes so that you WANT to work out. I basically live in work out attire because it’s my profession but even if you don’t wear it all the time you should feel great after a work out going to the grocery store and looking hot!

Here are 3 of my work out wardrobe essentials:

  1. Sneakers that wow: You’re going to be wearing your sneakers the most often out of all of your work out clothes so make sure you love them! At the gym I used to work at I had to wear all black so I made sure my sneakers were a fashion statement. Here are 2 of my recent favorites. Both nike because I like the way they fit.

nike-wmns-free-5.0-v4-1            photo1

2. Versatile Leggings: I love a pair of work out pants that can be used for all different classes and work outs. I also love it if I can throw on boots and wear them to drinks! Here are two of my favorites that I wear ALL THE TIME. The first pair I got at the nike outlet. SUPER flattering fit and I love the leather and lace strips down the sides. The second pair is more of a crazy pattern for a fun work out outfit. They’re from the new(ish) urban outfitters fitness line. I love that they have really unique styles.

IMG_2160          IMG_1506

3. A versatile jacket: I love lululemon’s jackets. They are expensive but they last. Try their outlets or after the holidays sale!  They have so many varieties. Choose one that works for your style and work out! I have a moto style one that has two layers and is super warm. I wear it to the studio or out and about!

Picture175             cn8544685

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