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Why we are obsessing over Fashion Blogger Angelique Cooper 


We are so happy we get to feature one of our favorite fellow bloggers. She is also an actress and recording artist, the lovely Angelique Cooper.

Angelique is a fashion blogger that also shares her thoughts about fitness, her beauty routines & even gives inspirational advice. Angelique is also one of the most fun ladies in town.  We got the chance to go see Taylor Swift this year and IT WAS AMAZING!!!  If you haven’t checked out her fashion blog you should.

We all know the struggle of wanting to look like and have what’s in the magazines… Well I want this to be a place where any girl can come to get ideas of how to accomplish “the look” and a variety of things that come with being a girl.

Read her interview below to find out her fitness tricks & advice she gives on learning how to love your body!

Website: angeliquecooperblog.com

Insta, twitter, periscope: @angeliquecooper
Youtube:  Angelique Cooper on Youtube

What type of activities do you do to stay fit?

I love to work out everyday whether it is hike, taking yoga, or weight trainning … I enjoy it all!What do you think is the key to a healthy lifestyle?
Personal happiness… in all areas of your life. For me, that is eating healthy, working out on a regular basis, hanging out with my friends and spending time with my family!

What’s your favorite asset?
Mentally, My determination and understanding. Physically, my legs, I am always pushing the limits and challenging my self to reach new achievements.

What is your LEAST favorite workout?  But why do you still do it?
ohhhh…. CARDIO…. I am sooo not a fan! I still have to do it and after you finish you feel so accomplished! Such a great feeling!
If you had to choose any healthy meal or snack what would it be?
I really enjoy my healthy breakfasts. I start every morning with a two egg white omelette with ham, light cheese and topped with avocado.

We all have cheat days, what’s your poison?
I have a major sweet tooth… So any dessert works for me!

What inspires you to be healthy and active?
My personal goals are what truly inspire me. I am always setting new goals and trying to push my self.

If you could give girls any advice about loving their bodies what would you say?
Never compare yourself to anyone! You are your own person and no one is like you. It is hard not to get sucked into all the social media but it is not real… just be happy with who you are, your body and soul!



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