How Massages Can Change Your Life!

You’ve been treating massages as a luxury. You only schedule them when you are on a vacation or find yourself at a spa. I suggest you add MASSAGES to your regular beauty routine and you will find their benefits to be life saving.  Yes, massages can change your life.  And, I don’t just mean your physical health.  They have a great effect on your how you feel day to day.

I love massages!  I really, really do.  I probably get a massage every 6-9 weeks.  You might think that sounds crazy but, let me break it down for you.  I have high stress and anxiety like Monica from friends.   I would consider myself more of a Rachel/Monica split.  I aim to be a Rachel but sometimes the stress makes me a Monica.


A regular massage is actually doctor recommended.  There is even a huge push to get massages covered under your health care.  The world would be a better place if we could all get free massages.  We would all be cool as cucumbers to each other.  Until then, its important that you get them every 2-3 months.


Medical Benefits of Massages:
Pain Relief
Reduces Anxiety
Reduces Depression
Releases endorphins & serotonin
Improves Sleep
Temporarily reduces blood pressure

Regular massages increase your every day well being.  Adding this simple alternative to a doctor visit can make you happier.  It can make your life seem a little easier.  It can help relax you and help you live more in the present and not the future or the past.  It can help you find your happiness.

Now, I know, like me, you don’t have tons of extra money to spend on monthly massages.  My suggestion is to try Groupon to see if any spa around you is currently running a good deal.  Make sure you check all the reviews.  You can find a diamond in the rough massage studio in your area.   I’ve found places in LA in the past for $40 bucks.

Treat your self!  You can budget by cutting down on going out to grab coffee.

Wishing you Health, Wealth & Happiness,

Ashley Sutton

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