5 Things You Didn’t Know You Should Be Buying Organic!

By now, we hope you  all know you should be eating organic. If not check out Ashley’s post Why you should eat organic!

I am here to tell you that you should be doing more than just eating organic. Before you say that’s ridiculous, understand that I was a skeptic and I know that certain organic things are overpriced. I am not going to tell you to spend a fortune and make your entire home organic in one sitting. These are 5 things that are super important to make the switch on.

1. Your Underwear: Regular cotton is treated with chemicals just like the food we eat. These chemicals can irritate our skin and even cause cancer. Really we should be buying all organic clothing but that will take time and isn’t realistic for the average person so start with your underwear and bras. When you go to buy a new pair of underwear go organic! It will actually be just as cost effective as conventional underwear because regular cotton clothing will begin to break down after about 15-20 washings. Clothing made from organic cotton will last about 5 times longer! Organic cotton also has anti-microbial properties that prevent mold and mildew and protect from UV rays. If this isn’t reason enough the pesticides and chemicals on the clothing you wear is rubbing off on your skin, your bedding and your family members. I love Pact underwear. I found it first at whole foods. It is affordable, organic, great quality and their factories are wind powered. I feel really good about wearing my pact underwear. We are buying their socks and work out clothes as well now and they even have adorable pajamas and leggings! check out their clothing here! 


2. Your Bedding: Possibly even more important than your clothing is your bedding. The mattress is the most important thing because the chemicals they douse your mattress in to satisfy the flame  retardant qualifications are truly horrifying. Because this is a law, mattress manufacturers do not have to disclose all the chemicals they use to make your mattress up to fire code. Many foam mattresses also include tons of chemicals. It is super important that your mattress is non-toxic even if it’s not organic. If you are waking up still tired in the morning after a long night of sleep, or with allergy symptoms you especially want to try an organic mattress because it might be the chemicals in your mattress that are causing your sleep to be harmful to your body. I haven’t made the switch with my mattress yet but was very pleased to find that there are affordable options out there, and my sheets are organic and from target!


3. Your Makeup and Skincare Products: Your skin is the biggest organ in your body. You probably know by now that it matters what you put on it! Organic makeup and skincare products are becoming more and more widely available but, it is still pretty difficult to find skincare that is completely organic and affordable. So just make sure you are reading the ingredients and understanding what is in the things you put on your skin everyday. Look for mostly organic ingredients and make sure there are no harsh chemicals or preservatives. Powder makeup is one of the most important things to be careful about because you tend to inhale particles of the powder. Lipstick is also super important because it is on your lips so you consume a good amount of it! start with your face wash, lotion, lipstick and foundation and then continue to upgrade everything to more natural healthier products from there! Try Acure brand skincare, it is affordable and works really well.

4. Your Feminine Products: If you are using conventional cotton tampons there is pesticide residue in them. The average woman uses 11,000 tampons in her life. This is pretty scary considering we aren’t told that there could be something so dangerous it can cause cancer, in our tampons which we pretty much have to use or at least had to use until they started coming up with safer methods. 5 of the 9 most commonly used pesticides on cotton crops have been labeled carcinogens. This means that there are almost definitely dangerous pesticides in all conventional tampons. It doesn’t mean your feminine products WILL give you cancer but it’s definitely an area where you should be picky about what you use and spend the extra dollar. If you want to save money and be safe, try the diva cup. If you don’t mind the extra dollar and prefer tampons or pads, try seventh generation or natracare feminine products and you will enjoy knowing your products are pesticide free and chlorine bleach free. While you’re shopping these brands, pick up some unbleached paper towels and toilet paper!

5. Your Cleaning Products: For cleaning products you can follow the same rules you’re following for your skin care which is read the ingredients and look for mostly organic ingredients and no harsh chemicals. We may not be spraying these on our skin but we are inhaling them and forcing anyone else in our house to inhale them as well. I think this is especially important if you have pets. Your pets don’t know not to rub up against the floor you just cleaned or eat their treats off it. Conventional cleaning products have tons of harsh chemicals and carcinogens in them. If you want to try cleaning products that work super well and are harsh chemical free try Mrs. Meyers and Method cleaners. If you want to go fully organic here, I love Greensheild organic cleaning products. Bonus, they come in super earth friendly containers made out of sugar cane! Can’t get more sustainable than that 🙂


Dont get overwhelmed and go crazy throwing everything you own out. It’s going to be a process! Start by buying more sustainable, natural and organic things when you need them. If you need underwear and socks buy organic this time and slowly your home will become safer and healthier!

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