RECIPE: Pumpkin Seeds

Before you toss those un-carved pumpkins, grab the seeds and make one of these delicious treats.

The first thing we did was rinsed out all the seeds.  Make sure you get all of the slimy pumpkin insides off the seeds.  We then set them out to dry on a paper towel for 24 hours.  Then it was time to create.  Sprinkle the ingredients you want to use on top of the seeds and bake them at 350 degrees until they are at the crunchiness you desire.  We did around 20-30 minutes.

Thanks to Pete for helping me out with this post. We have listed our recipes below for you to try out!



  1. Balsamic, Sea Salt, Rosemary and Sage ( THESE ARE TO DIE FOR)balsamic
  2. Raw Sugar, Cinnamon & Ground Nutmeg
  3. cinnamonHoney & Cocoa Powderhoney

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