Knit Your Way to Happiness: The Importance of Hobbies

Recently I have been going through my stuff in the house I grew up in because it is going on the market soon. My childhood room is full of memories but the thing I find myself saying over and over is WOW I used to love doing this….. fill in the blank whether it was jewelry making, horseback riding or knitting I used to to a lot more activities that aren’t work. Of course this is to be expected. When we are in school for the most part all we have to worry about is homework, chores, and our after school activities maybe a job after school but there was time to do things we enjoyed doing at home.


As adults we mostly only focus on work, which is totally understandable because we have to support ourselves. When we’re not working we go out with friends or clean the house or run errands which leaves pretty much no time for hobbies. But Hobbies are super important! Recently I have been trying to connect with interests I have had in the past and fit time for doing the thing I enjoy into my schedule.


5 reasons you should make time for your hobbies:

  1. A hobby will make you less stressed. Taking time to knit, paint, draw, bike, play frisbee etc. will make you less stressed. Whether it’s exercising your brain, body, or motor skills it will take your mind off what is stressing you and clear your head so you can better tackle what is stressing you out. It will also release endorphins to calm you.
  2. A hobby can connect you to other people. Find a hobby that forces you to meet people like a dance class or a painting class. You will meet people, not just co-workers, who share your same interest! OR your hobby just gives you more to connect with people on in your everyday life.
  3. A hobby can fulfill you and help build self esteem. It is easy to get tired of your work life. If you are having a difficult time at work or home a hobby can make you remember what it is like to truly enjoy something. It will also build your self-esteem that you have this thing that you love and are great at!
  4. A hobby will keep you from being bored and from doing unproductive things like watching tv when you are bored! It will keep you active and engaged in your down time.
  5. Hobbies can make you more open and understanding. Trying new things can open up your eyes to new places, foods and people! Become a more well rounded person through trying new activities.


This week try incorporating an old favorite hobby like baking or drawing into your schedule and try a class in your neighborhood like painting or ceramics! Pull out your old bike or rollerblades and rediscover fun things to do in your downtime! Just because we have internet and tv at our fingertips anywhere anytime doesn’t mean that’s all we can do with our down time. I guarantee actually creating something or being outside and active will make you much happier!

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