The SKINNY on Halloween Candy

Halloween is my favorite time of year. You get to dress up and scare people all month long. You also get to watch all of the fun and ghoulish movies from your childhood.  But the biggest perk of All Hallows’ Eve is the CANDY.


For those of us with a sweet tooth, Halloween can be a struggle to stay healthy. We wanted to help you by giving you the low down on all the mini candies you will find at the bottom of the candy bowl.


We know candy eating is bound to happen. We just want you to know what candies are the best to reach for.  We tracked the calories, grams of fat and sugar in some of the most popular candies found at the store.  We also ranked them in order of the best items to cheat with.

Keep in mind that, ideally, you want something really low in FAT and SUGAR.  This is extremely hard to do for this type of candy.  My advice is to reach for a piece of dark chocolate instead.

All of the candies information below is based on MINI candies, not full size candy bars.

Starbursts (2 pieces)
Calories 40
Fat .75
Sugars 5.5g

Swedish Fish (1 bag)
Calories 55
Fat 0g
Sugars 11g

M&Ms (1 bag)
Calories 70
Fat ~2g
Sugars ~8g

Dots (11 Dots)
Calories 130
Fat 0g
Sugars 21g

Tootsie rolls (6 small ones)
Calories 140
Fat 3g
Sugars 20g

Kit Kat Bar (1 bar- 2 pieces)
Calories 70
Fat 3.7g
Sugars 7g

Almond Joy (1 Bar)
Calories 80
Fat 4.5g
Sugars 8g

Hershey’s Bar (3 pieces)
Calories 190
Fat 11g
Sugars 21g

Snickers (1 bar)
Calories 80
Fat 4g
Sugars 9g

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (one piece)
Calories- 90
Total Fat 5g
Sugars 9g

Whoppers (6 tubes)
Calories 190
Fat 7
Sugar 24

Wishing you Health, Wealth & Happiness,

Ashley Sutton

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