Making Chipotle Healthy

I am a Chipotle addict. Seriously, I love Chipotle too much. The problem is Chipotle isn’t really that healthy. It’s a lot of high fat foods that they stack on top of something healthy to make you think it’s healthy.     Here is my go to guide on how to make your Chipotle choices smart choices.

1. Choose a salad! It’s pretty much an open faced burrito or taco anyway, sans extra carbs. Also pass on the salad dressing. It’s not good for you and bare is better.

2. Pass on the rice. If you feel like you really need some ask for a small amount of brown rice.

3. Add as many veggies as you want. Extra extra veggies.

4. When it comes to beans…

It’s added protein.

If you want to go vegetarian here feel free to add on the beans. Or ask for a small scoop of beans.

**** There are tons of high fat items next in the chipotle line. Red meat, cheese, & guacamole. When you are trying to make healthy choices my advice is to choose ONLY one of those items.
5. Chicken is your best friend. Honestly it should always be your choice when it comes to protein. If you are feeling like you need a red meat (sometimes this girl craves a steak) add the steak but skip out on cheese & guac.

6. Salsa time!

You want to stay away from anything other than the mild salsa. The other salsas have lots of sugar and salt in them. Yes they are delicious, but you don’t want to sacrifice an entirely healthy bowl with a dressing.   If you want to add a little more flavor you can have them add a dollup of hot sauce.

There you have it. A wonderfully delicious chicken salad bowl. It’s going to be a yummy and tasty treat. You also won’t be getting that “I’m hungry” feeling an hour later.
Wishing you health, wealth & happiness,

Ashley Sutton

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