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We all know Christina Applegate as the adorable, hilarious comedian she is. She started her acting career on Married… with Children as a child actress. She established a successful film and television career as well as a Broadway career! She really can do it all!

Why We’re Crushing on Christina Applegate: 

We love her because she never stops pushing her limits and works hard and succeeds in everything she attempts. from Anchorman to Sweet Charity she is able to captivate blockbuster film audiences, sit com watchers and broadway show goers!


What many people don’t think of when they think of Christina Applegate is that she is a cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 36. At first Christina kept the news quiet and continued working without telling anyone about the life changing battle she was fighting. Eventually she went public with the news in order to raise awareness among young women who might not think they are at risk. Christina was vigilant about mammograms because her mother survived breast cancer but it was an MRI that caught the cancer. This was shocking to me. I always thought that mammograms were enough to catch breast cancer early but because of her high risk situation her doctors recommended an MRI. 

Christina was very quick to act on her diagnosis. She got her first lumpectomy right away then was told she would need six weeks of radiation. She found out she has the BRCA gene and made the decision to have a a bilateral mastectomy. She knew radiation was temporary and she would need to continue testing for the rest of her life. She wanted to be done with the cancer so the dramatic decision was right for her. She staged her first and last nude photoshoot before her surgery so she would remember her body the way it was. She says the surgery left her with physical and emotional scars and there was a mourning process, but she is happy with her decision.


“It doesn’t feel the same, and it’s hard to carry your purse,” she says.  “I cry at least once a day about it because it’s hard to overlook it when you’re standing there in the mirror. When you look down, it’s the first thing you see… So you’re reminded constantly of this thing — this cancer thing that you had.”

On the bright side, she feels victorious in her fight against breast cancer and believes she took a progressive stance in the rest of her life.

She believes in creating awareness and gives back in a big way. She participates and ambassadors many different charities for breast cancer awareness and to raise money for cancer research.


We love that she is not afraid to tell her story in a real way. She shares her emotion and the fact that she cries every day and doesn’t try to put on a brave face for the public. She is able to appear strong, brave and unstoppable while still having real emotion and struggles with what she has gone through. What an amazing woman!

October is breast cancer awareness month and it has evolved over the years. Most people are aware of the disease at this point because of so much successful awareness building over the last many years. This year the national breast cancer awareness foundation wants people to become more aware of how to detect the disease in it’s early stages. Even though many people are aware of how common and serious breast cancer is, we tend to neglect the steps to detect it in ourselves and the people around us. This month make it your goal to learn about the steps to take. Once you know how to detect it in yourself, teach the people around you! This is the best way to beat cancer! Knowledge is power so use it.

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